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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  December 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now in critical condition. tonight, police have tracked down this man, 51-year-old domenides valenzuela and his 3- year-old daughter rebecca. they say he stabbed his wife also rebecca's mother then took the child from the crime scene in a gray dodge caravan. police say they found them on the garden state parkway in clifton new jersey and she is safe. authorities and neighbors have been worried for hours. police say they were called to valenzuela's apartment building at 2 p.m. on perry street by bedford park boulevard and found his 31-year-old wife in their second floor unit with stab wounds across her body and neck. but no suspects. >> she was, like, she looked numb to me. >> reporter: rafael martinez lives here and says he came home to the gruesome scene. he tells us he saw the victim taken out of here on a stretcher before getting rushed to st. barnabas hospital with severe injuries. >> she is bloody from the head to the belly. >> reporter: this has to be so startling to see something like this in the neighborhood.
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me, you know? i can't even get into the building because the elevator is -- has a lot of blood on the, on the floor. >> reporter: police are still investigating what led to this stabbing and why he allegedly abducted his child. now that he is in custody, they will question him to get some answers. >> so tonight, there are so many questions about what happened. the suspect is in custody. he hasn't been charged yet. it's unclear what charges he could be facing. live in the norwood section of the bronx tonight, ilana gold hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. in the wake of the paris attacks, should off duty and retired police officers in this country be allowed to carry their guns at nfl games? one of the nypd's top union bosses is asking the national football league to change its policies and let officers protect the public while out of uniform at football games. cbs 2's sonia rincon with this story. >> reporter: after the paris attacks that targeted among
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the sergeant's benevolent association launched this petition asking the nfl to change the policy that forbids on and off duty and retired law enforcement personnel from carrying firearms into nfl stadiums. we asked football fans if it's a good idea. >> yes, absolutely. safety reasons. if they are on duty or off duty, it's to protect and serve. >> absolutely not. they could get drunk and do something stupid. >> reporter: the obvious concern is mixing guns and chairwoman. but this science professor says carrying a gun off duty is always optional. >> if they feel they shouldn't carry the weapon because they are socializing, because they are spending time watching the game rather than spending time on public safety, they have the discretion to leave their weapons home. >> reporter: the former police officer and prosecutor says the nypd has a strict policy about not carrying a weapon while drinking. >> by and large it's been a rule that's ironclad and worked very well. >> reporter: the nfl's policy
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enforcement can carry weapons into the stadiums. off duty are not included in the on site chain of command and the well intentioned display or use of a gun could have potentially tragic consequences. but o'donnell says training for specific stadiums could be an option. >> there should be some formalized arrangement and we should do everything we can to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits. >> reporter: the nfl is sticking with its policy saying it consulted with wide range of law enforcement when it came up with it. but law enforcement unions supporting the change say times have change and terrorists have shown they want to target large groups of people. in newsroom, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. police are searching tonight for a driver who slammed into two people and crashed into a restaurant in queens before leaving the scene. take a look at the video we have. you can see a car stuck in a wall after plowing into a
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village just after midnight. surveillance video shows the white car crashing. it hit two men in the 20s, both with broken legs. right. carbon monoxide a scare, forcing hundreds of students to evacuate a school in queens. students and staff at ps-is295 in queens village had to leave the building. all 550 students including some special needs children were moved to a nearby school ps 33. city officials say a coned feeder cable underground caught fire early this morning sending carbon monoxide into the school's basement. good thing, though, there were no reports of any injuries. dozens of people paying to live in an upscale brooklyn for the holidays. cbs 2's meg baker reports, they are tenants in a loft which was just deemed dangerous. >> reporter: williamsburg residents pay more than $5,000 a month to live at the bedford lofts.
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the group that we wanted. but we didn't really expect it to be structurally unsound. >> reporter: and now they are out on the streets. residents here at 120 south 4th street arrived home last tuesday to these notices on their door. they were told that they had an hour to grab what belongings they could from their apartment and vacate. >> clothing, contacts, supplies, computers, chargers, the dog. >> reporter: the department of buildings tells us dangerous conditions were found. 3,000 square feet of the structural framing was not built to code and concrete floors were poured without permits. therefore, the 50 tenants living in 20 apartments had to leave immediately. >> i feel pretty frustrated. we were very close to ending our arrangement with this company. >> reporter: amar'e was supposed to move out this january first. he and yamamoto prepaid december rent. >> it's been impossible reaching the department of buildings, the 90th precinct has been very unhelpful in escorting us into the building.
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who didn't want to show her face this is a stress mentally and financially. >> every tenants i know staying at an airbnb. >> reporter: so are you paying out of pocket? >> yes, which is horrible. >> for two years the building was structurally unsound and we were living in there like month before the lease is up suddenly we can't go inside. >> reporter: we went inside the properties which lists them for rent. no comment. we called and e mailed garden management which residents has changed its name several times over two years. no response. in williamsburg, brooklyn, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> each roommate pays about $1,250 per month. new at 6:00, a woman's puppy stolen from her shopping cart as she was in a store. cbs 2's hazel sanchez speaks with the dog owners who is pleading for her pets' return. >> please return my puppies! i miss them. i love them. and i need them so badly back in my life.
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is desperate to find her precious puppies, mario and mimi. eight-week-old yorkies she has been race every raising since birth. >> reporter: it's part of. >> it's part of my family. >> reporter: she was shopping at this bed, bath & beyond monday afternoon and placed her to dogs in a dog carrier in her shopping cart. she turned for a moment. >> i looked at something and somebody at that time grabs my bag and took off. i thought somebody had taken my wagon by mistake. so i ran to the front door. and the guy said somebody is running down the street with the bag. so i ran after them. >> reporter: the two thieves were seen running down first avenue and then turning left on east 60th street towards york avenue. she says she saw the young woman carrying her bag! but she just couldn't keep up with them. she says police told her there is surveillance video of the
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releasing it at this time. she worries the couple might have thought they were stealing a purse no pups. >> these were my children. i never had children. >> reporter: she is pleading with the thieves to return the dogs to any safe place no questions asked. >> if they could please, please, have some compassion. i am devastated. heartbroken. i am not -- i can't even breathe i'm so hurt. >> reporter: she says she will never give up until they are home. hazel sanchez, cbs2 news, kips bay. >> suzette says the thieves that took her dogs can return them to any animal hospital or shelter and she will not press charges. we have an update tonight. the arthur avenue tree lighting is back on. we reported last night that the belmont business improvement district had called it off saying the money was needed to pay for a security guard.
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and businesses in the bronx neighborhood well known for its italian food. now councilman torres says the money will come from his budget and donations. the tree lighting will happen sometime next week. we'll keep you posted on the date. coming up at 6:00, talk about a hot gift. those popular self balancing smart wheels, they come with a warning. >> i came down the sidewalk not even probably 100 feet and it exploded. boom! >> and that's not the only case. what's causing motorized boards to catch fire. >> also, scammed at the pump. how thieves took advantage of dozens of customers and made off with $50,000. >> and environmental dilemma tonight a plan to clop down trees to install solar panels causing controversy on long island. and here's lonnie with the rainy night. >> it's been a wet day, a damp one out there but take a look at this. there will be some breaks in the rain as you get into the nighttime hours. what does tomorrow hold? more rain or will we continue to clear? we talk about that in just a bit.
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coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," chicago's top cop is out? >> what a scene with the mayor there this afternoon. scott? >> reporter: great to be with you, dana. the top cop in chicago is indeed out after the release of a videotape that shows a white police officer apparently shooting an unarmed black man or black man with a small knife, i should say. shooting him 16 times at least twice in the back. we'll have that story and the rest of the world news coming
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there are new concerns about a hot holiday gift on wheels. those motorized balance boards may be on a lot of people's wish lists but some users say their boards exploded into flames suddenly and with destructive results. dave carlin reports. >> reporter: you see them everywhere, parks, quiet neighborhoods, quiet manhattan sidewalks. some don't realize they are illegal in the city with users getting slapped with fines as high as $200 a pop. even so, their popularity is growing. they can go ten miles an hour and range in price from a couple of hundred dollars to $2,000 each. what some call a must have holiday gift are being blamed for causing injuries and destruction. >> what's going on, dude? >> reporter: timothy says he only had his board for three
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flames under his feet. >> i came down the sidewalk not even probably 100 feet. and it exploded. it went boom. >> reporter: he says he scrambled off as parts of the board went flying. >> i think the batteries, it was the batteries that blew up. if a kid was to happen or imagine if it was in your house and it caught on fire like that. >> reporter: jessica says her home in louisiana was destroyed after her son's new board caught fire. >> both wheels like you lit a firework. >> reporter: she said it was charging on a mattress when she saw flames shoot out. >> it was hard to put it out because it was pretty big. >> reporter: across the country, the main complaints are injuries to the users of the boards and to pedestrians unlucky enough to get in their way. >> it's causing some people to wonder, are the thrills worth the spills? and worth using on city streets if that means running afoul of the law? >> reporter: in the newsroom, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> thank you, dave.
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shoppers to be careful when using dent cards. dozens of card skimming scams have been reported in queens costing customers more than $50,000. thieves have targeted gas stations and banks in flushing and bayside since june. the nypd has placed warning signs at gas pumps to check for loose or damaged plastic on card readers. investigators are looking for three suspects you see here caught on security camera. on long island, a debate is brewing that pits the environment against the environment. a plan by suffolk county to cut down trees to put in solar panels is drawing a lot of heat. cbs 2's elise finch explains. >> reporter: going solar is usually one of the most politically correct things anyone can do. but suffolk county's plan to put a solar farm in place of trees at several sites it owns including this property in yaphank has environmentalists seeing red. >> it's bad public policy to pit one environmental asset
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>> reporter: the long island pine barrens society says the county is in the dark with its plan to cut down more than 40 acres of trees since trees are so efficient at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. >> solar belongs on cleared property, abandoned development, on rooftops, in parking lots. >> reporter: county officials claim the environmental benefits from the solar farms would be 20 times greater than what is lost ngtthe ere w l also save suffolk county taxpayers $1.2 million per year for the ne ea ybecause we'll actually, um, reduce our energy costs. >> reporter: county officials say the solar farms could power the county jail and other county facilities. they add the land's already been declared surplus and could have been sold publicly resulting in it being cleared for development. >> maybe people would put homes up use it for some other purpose. >> reporter: but this county legislator says it makes no sense considering the county has spent more than $1 billion preserving open space.
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space that now the county executive wants to tear down the trees. >> reporter: she wants to put the solar packages in the police parking lot. the plan miss still pass an environmental review. elise finch, cbs 2 news. >> we didn't see the sun today. let's check in with lonnie quinn and i thought it was supposed to rain for the whole day. it's been sort of like, you know, on and offer. a lot of folks are on the off switch right now. >> good. >> there's more rain out there. and i think, look, if you had the umbrella with you today which clearly you did you keep it with you for again your day tomorrow. the same sort of deal. taking a peek at the weather watchers, light rain widespread. but nobody needing any sort of like salt to put down for ice because -- the coldest reading i can find, 38 in wantage. nobody below freezing on december 1. new york city foggy right now. it's 48. there's drizzle and fog.
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you did that a little bit around lunchtime 12:43 in the afternoon. typical 48. so officially this day goes in the books as a mild one. at least 3 degrees above average. and i think again i was telling you yesterday i think the first couple of weeks of december are going to be a little bit above average in terms of temperatures. today's rain is on the way out of here. moving out. tomorrow's rain is getting close. overnight, i think there's going to be more fog than rain. there will be some rain here or there but it's more of the fog i'm checking out. right now 6 miles of visibility in new york city. but it's less out on the island. two miles for babylon, 4 miles for the hamptons, less than two miles inland to a place like okay monticello 1.5 miles. edison was at 1.7 a little while ago now at 2 miles. so again, the fog is widespread. it's going to get thicker as it drops lower gets closer to the surface. i told you how the rain is moving out. we are not completely done with it but you see the projection everything going east-northeast.
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little showers around westchester county, rockland and fairfield county and east end of long island. everybody else bits of drizzle out there. i don't see you will see a lot of rain overnight. tomorrow even a better bet as a second little round will come into the area. a lot going on here. you have the low pressure system which is the -- this is the driver of the bus, all right? this low pressure system is the snowstorm that's in the midwest. it's pushing through this cold front but ahead of it is a warm front so you get some warm temperatures tomorrow as you deal with whatever rain you squeeze out of this. cooler air thursday. so for tonight on-again, off- again rain with areas of fog developing. 47 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, about 57 degrees. it's going to be a milder day, rain is likely. again it's not an all-day rain. it will be on-again, off- again. then a brighter sky on thursday but now the cooler sierra in place at 50 degrees. friday you are 49. saturday 48. sunday the better your portion. weekend at 53 -- sunday the better portion of the weekend
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outside the wet weather today and tomorrow, basically a partly sunny forecast. otis livingston has a look back at monday night madness. >> that's right. it was one of the most heartbreaking ways to lose a football game but for cleveland fans it was par for the course. >> and the fredette shore coming to an arena near you. i'll tell you which world champ from another sport was sitting courtside rooting him on. black church a good low-cost healthplan! at ny state ofealth you'll find manquality plans to choo from, help paying for your plan, a new essential plan at less than $1 a day for new yorkers with lower incomes. be surprised! visit
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two words you don't expect us to start with red sox. >> not here in new york! [ laughter ] >> the red sox get the first free agent fish. left-handed pitcher david price signs with boston. 7 years, $217 million. >> whoo. >> so price is run through the a.l. east continues as you know drafted by the braves winning a cy young in tampa in 2012. he was acquired by the blue jays from detroit this season at the trade deadline. he went 9-1 in the regular season for toronto but was just 1-2 with the 6.17 e.r.a. in the post-season. the knicks with a couple of days off after blowing that game against houston on sunday. they are riding a four-game losing streak and next up the 76ers tomorrow night. knicks in a rare practice at
6:24 pm
hopefully the topic. losing 76ers came up, a loss tonight to the lakers and they will come into msg0-19. you don't want to lose to them. carmelo anthony is feeling better after being sick sunday. he expects to be good to go tomorrow night. >> we don't want them coming here and extend our streak. i would rather extend their streak before they extend ours. that's just the mindset we have to go going into tomorrow's game. >> remember this guy jimmer fredette? he might his westchester knicks d league debut last night. boxing champ floyd mayweather, jr., was court said. he said his advice kept telling me to shoot it. all right, i'll shoot it to the tune of 37 points! make-a-wish foundation continues to do great work putting smiles on kids' faces like this 11-year-old boy. he was a special guest at knicks practice. john starks signed him to a two-day contract. he also had his own locker with a personalized jersey.
6:25 pm
to the court tomorrow night. >> one, two, three! >> knicks! >> it's an incredible thing, it's touching. sometimes you want to hold back your tears because everybody is -- you know, showing such an outpouring of love for edward. darrelle revis still going through concussion protocol status for the jets/giants game this sunday unknown. we'll have a preview show thursday night at 7:00 on cbs 2. crazy ending to week 12. the browns setting up for a game winning 51-yard field goal against the ravens. and here's the wild radio call for both teams. [ screaming ] browns 40, 30, 20, 10, touchdown!! ravens!! the ball got blocked and the ravens are running with it down the sideline! they are at the 40, down the sideline, 20, it's will hill
6:26 pm
>> unbelievable! >> that's will hill. browns fans were all set to celebrate the win documented on camera phone and look at the disappointment on this kid's face. he walks away. and this man's going to need another jersey. he goes incredible hulk on us. >> whoa. >> look at that rips it up. >> thank you, otis. we'll be right back. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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i'm kristine johnson. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, a health emergency because of a hair accessory. >> they said i needed surgery and thank god that i caught it in time or i could have had sepsis. >> a recovering patient with a warning. how you wear your hair tie could affect your health. that and more coming up on cbs 2 news at 11:00. thanks, kristine. a new gig for jerry seinfeld. he announced today he will be performing his stand-up routine once a month at the beacon theater on the upper west side as part of a residency. tickets for the first six shows of what's called jerry seinfeld the home stand go on sale monday. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott


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